demotivated and demoralised because of loss of many family members and strained relationship with mom
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I have been having a very tough phase since a year.. Lost on my grandparents and few months after that my father, very unexpectedly. Haven’t been working since 3 years. After father’s demise, many internal family discussions and problems were being faced. From our own offices, we have no financial help support! I’m in a relationship since a very long time as well, it’s been going rough and extremely full of fights on and off.. But, it being a decade old, I take all my efforts to make it back to normal.. Have friends, but they are selfish and self-centered in nature, and don’t feel the need to have such people. Only have mom and me staying in house.. she daily verbally abuses when angry and that really hits me like anything! To sum up,  I am punched by life from every corner, family, relationship, friends. I’m HIGHLY demotivated and demoralised to live life further. I just don’t feel any interest to live ahead. Feel worthless a lot, don’t have a single person to count on in life.

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