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Hai.. I'm really depressed and i feel really alone.. I can't control my feelings.. Me and my boyfriend were in same school for almost 2years and now we r in different college.. so I really miss him.. and I'm not able to be happy in my college.. I feel depressed most of the time.. I'm not able to focus on my studies.. I get panic attack sometimes.. nowadays I cry a lot.. but he is ok there and he is moving on.. He promised me that he will not leave me but still I'm having negative thoughts in my mind.. In my college there are many types of students , I really feel scared or bad to get attached to them.. I don't know what has happened to me suddenly.. I feel really low and I'm not happy at all.. I'm scared if anyone will come in between me and my partner .. I don't know how I will manage studying in different college for 3 years. Please help me and motivate me.. the students in my college are really bad and I'm not able to adjust there.. please help me and motivate me

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