Depressed about life
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Hi everyone I feel empty sad and hopeles I'm unemployed and i have a baby who's depending on me . My parents are disappointed in me for the fact that in 22 with a child instead of doing my second year in varsity . I'm dyslexic so studying isn't something I look forward to because once I start reading I feel like I'm dumb and i won't be able to pass. I am the failure of the family for many reasons one which is I'm two years behind my age mates who is in university. And the other reason is I got pregnant before marriage. I'm used at the bad example to my younger sisters . It hurts but i always force a smile And tell myself it's okay. I'm new a this and i hope someone can understand what I was trying to say. Please don't mind my spelling skills. I'm dyslexic so there will be plenty of errors.

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