Depressed about results
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i got really really poor marks in my IA (internal assessment )exam... i failed 2 subjects and the rest 3 i have barely passed somehow... i feel guilty for not studying... i tend to blame my Friends as they have not shared with me certain stuff even after i asked them.... i see college is selfish everyone cares for their own(marks)... i understand no one's wants their friend to get more marks then them so they hide many things.... but i don't know I'm not open to this! i believe this is selfishness.... they say false statements like we use mobile and waste time after college but now i don't believe after IA exams that they are true... i strongly believe what I am thinking is true cause one of it s evidence is not sharing extra bought books! some they buy question bank for extra preparation and not share with me! i agree the feeling about more results than my friends.... I FEEL LIKE HURTING MYSELF CAUSE I HAVE NEVER FAILED BEFORE.... I CANT DIGEST THE REMARK AS FAILURE IN TWO SUBJECTS

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