depressed after father's death
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11 months ago i lost my father he got an asthma attack and due to that he died in front of my eyes i managed to overcome the grief and tried my best to be happy but sometimes things comes in front of an eye that we can't control he died on 23 September 2020 and after that i tried my best to overcome it and I'm still trying but on 25th april 2021 again i lost my friend due to corona and in my life who are precious to me they are just going or they are sick and yes it hurts , it pains but I can't do anything except having a hope that one day will come and everything will be good what i thought my future will be i hope it can be like that and i just can't share my emotions with anyone because I'm afraid they will make fun of me and they do like i tried to share somethings with my sibling but she just start laughing on it and in my family no one knows what I'm going through I can't sleep , can't eat i try to smile but i can't and all of them say you are just joking and I can't explain to them that i need to be alone sometimes cuz I'm also a human and i need to take rest atleast because my body soul brain in just tired need rest now but i can't and i don't know to whom i can share all of these.

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