Depressed and body image issue
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Hi Everyone! It's been so long that I am living with depression and anxiety. I can't remember how my normal life was. It has become unbearable at this time. I cannot trust the two important person of my life. My dad who thinks I am a burden now because of my age ( I am 27, unmarried) and weight. And second my boyfriend his family is against me because I am wheatish. I feel so numb at times , I really don't understand what to do. I have completely lost my confidence in myself . I still remember I used to love taking pictures of myself but due to these 2 person I can't bear my image in mirror even for 2mins .I know I am doing wrong with myself but this is so difficult when you are not accepted by the people whom you love the most. I tried consulting with some psychiatrist but it was no use. can anyone please suggest if they have gone through self image issue and share what worked for you. It might help me. I really want to accept myself but I don't know how

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