depressed because difficult life circumstances and unhealthy relationship with parents
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I clearly remember when I was a child, my mom always leave us with my siblings (we are in between 6 to 11 years old that time and leaving in a province) and because of that, we learned to work at a young age. That time, my father works at the capital city and went home every month. My mother would leave us and come back after a week or more and during that time, she did not leave any penny and we do not know where she goes. So I work with my 3 siblings that time and I remember that I kept hard my workoay so that I could give it to my mom. Then she left again. One day, my fathwelfound out what is happening and then, I remember also that he leave a letter to my mom confessing the she cheat on her. I am too young to understand. When I grown up at the age of 14 onwards, my mom bring her affair at our home since my dad is working at the capital city. That man even slept with us. Her another affair after that man also slept with us and that man physically sexual harrasing me. Yet, I am still young to fight back but I totally aware of what he did which soon found out by mother. They broke up afterwards. Last weeL, I heard her talking on phone with that man. My father is suspended from his job and he have nowhere to go. Everytime he went home, my mother will indirectly make him feels that he is not welcome. Last week my dad went to capital city and I know he's hurt and choice but to ask for his mother for favor to let him sleep over. My grandmother have no idea wjat is happening at all. My siblings and I talk about getting small room for my dad near to us as we are living with my mother. My mom got mad saying that what other people would say if they saw my dad living separately to us. But she does not want my dad to liveither us either. She also said that we have no right to tell her that she is selfish because we have no idea what she have been through but she did not tell us anything where all those treatment towards my day coming from. I'm so stress with my work due to pressure and this also happening to my family. I started to keep thkeeing again. I'm tired. I want to runaway. I want to leave everything. Permanently.

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