Depressed because of father’s behaviour
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i m depressed because of my father's behaviour . tgis thibg is making me more depressed day by day. i wonder sometimes who will be there for my mother when i will get young and settle somewhere else. he is having no intelligence at all even at 40, i got an idea , i changed his yt recommendation and videos of kotivators like sandeep maheshwari started appearing so i thought if he will watch some good life channels he will get some knowledge but he started watching trash again , he is having no interest in videos which will improve his life , just engaged in watching polititcs , backbitting and all. our environment influences us, i observed that he is still immature because of his environment . he watches politics and all of them contains controversies, fight , he talks to his village friends and backbits about people, he has a village mentality still!what an indian village mentality is ! there also he talks these trashes . nobody in his house explains hin about life , and to me and my motger he never listens , plz someone tell how can i make him mature , his mentality and intelligence is influenced by all of people he talks to , so that he can get some little knowledge about life and that will be enough , me and my mom dont expect anything from him except some little maturity. when he uses facebook, his friends post those trash and it is all what is being feed in his brain . plz someone explain how can i change his mentality and get him some intelligence , so that he stops bothering my mother and other people without talking to him on this topic

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