Depressed because of heartbreak
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Okay let's talk about my life. A story of that girl who's sensitive and self lover. She only wanna enjoy her life and she's enjoying very well. She thinks that what she wants she get that easily. She doesn't believe in love. But she always wants secretly that someone comes in her life and love her like a hero and no one separate her with him. But she doesn't know about this harsh world. She always helps others in their tough times She thinks that world is like her kind and honest. But reality is totally different.🙌 Story begins in August 2017. Finally someone comes in her life. His name is Sameer ✨❤️ Unique name unique personality. He's totally like that whats she wanted in her man. Well, she's an arrogant and rude girl in front of her relatives. She doesn't talk her any male friend. He tried to convince her female cousin friend that she convince her to talk him. She conviced her. But sameer was feeling shy to contact her first. But esha is very bold girl and fearless. She texted him first and said what you want why you said her to convince me. And he said I like uh ✨ what a beautiful 1st conversation ❤️ well they turn this conversation with good friends. Now they are good friends. Then their friendship turns into relationship. Healthy relationship ✨❤️ They love each other madly ✨ Childhood love is precious 🥀🥺 But when they comes in relationship their secret reveals in their families. Family issues starts. She faced too much. She cry alot because everyone blames her. She thought she messed up. She tries a a suicide she drunk finel but she's still alive😂 Because she doesn't know that that finel is fake 😂😂. Well family issue is solved. Her fantasy life is start from here. Its Jan 2018. They enjoyed together her sister wedding ✨❤️ After her sisters wedding. They engaged it's 13/1/2018💍Ahh what a brilliant Time for them✨ thier dreams come true. But in her engagement her chachu create a big drama in front of her all relatives and her day messed up🥺 but he stand up for her and support her 🥀 well their fantcy life is start they love each other madly. They are a ideal couples for others but they forget that people are very cruel. No one bear this evil eyes fucked their life and they broke up in June 2019🥺💔 they both cried a lot because it's not their fault they don't understand all this. When they understand it's too late. Well, after a long time they get 2nd chance because they know they can't live without each other. But again no one bear this again misunderstanding create and seprated 2nd time. She tries a lot to fix all this she talk to him beg not go plz 😭 but misunderstanding wins 💔 she left her for never come back ever again.💔 Again after a long they he come back and sorry for his mistakes but its too late her family fixed her marriage with someone else 🥺🥺 they cried again try to fix all this but they failed 💔 she loves him alot and that's why she accepted her apologize but reality is totally diff now. They can't fix anything now they both know about this very well.💔 She's still hopping 💔🥺 Story ends but she's broken she dies from inside. She's alive but only physically not mentally. Now she afraid from peoples because everyone cheat her and hurt her badly. Now she obsessed from darkness and loneliness they doesn't like to talk peoples and thEy think she is rude and arrogant but she doesn't care now 💔

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