depressed because of not being able to qualify exam
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Hi everyone.. Mujhe apni problem k bare me baat krne me aaj koi v hesitation nhi h .. I am facing this, I think from 2-3 years.. I am still a student, I mean i am preparing for government services. I am 25, a long struggling life have been through but ok situation now.. I am getting failed in my every exam and i think this is the biggest problem of that the result is a extremely low stem, no confidence or self trust, worthless feeling.. Just like my journey began from I can do anything I wish to do in the world to may I do this, or would I.. be able to do a bit this!!! There are much more negative thoughts that have been through 2-3 years of which when the most important exam result was to come , I was not even able to trust that i could be shortlisted but this was not the matter for my worry.. The matter was how would I face all those who invested in me, even I found very easy to jump from balcony or terrace or wat ever the way to suicide.. That result got positive for me nd I realized that I am in depression but forgetting all those I prepared for my interview , got highest marks too but not finally selected, still not the matter of much worry bcz aftr that failure I am completely collapsed.. I have been a fighter, nvr ever had I got tears very soon but now.. It's changed totally.. I have my family, a loveing boyfriend who is supporting hard nd I am still trying so hard to gather my self.. But ends things not getting well.. Everytym wen i talk, see or hear anything that's emotional I began to burst into tears, I am trying not my thoughts are- it's all over, I am wasting everything, would I nvr get success?, would I be lost in the dark?, my heart is crying for help, I feel like I am falling in the deep dark nd trying hard to be escaped but not seems to be saved... I don't know it's Anaxeity, depression or self fight, panic attack or etc... But if someone can save me, plz do.. I don't want to be end up like this.. I don't want to be lost in the dark... Plz help me....

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