Depressed because of recent trauma
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Hello, I don't know why i downloaded it. Maybe in hope that someone will listen me. My boyfriend passed away due to illness. Its been 4 days now. I cant sleep, i want to go to him. I want to feel like dying. I was doing better but suddenly it hit me again that he is gone forever. We were together for almost 3 years. He left me suddenly like this. We both weren't aware of his illness cause it was related to his brain. He had meningitis. He was diagnosed late with. Before we could get any treatment, he passed away. I want to know if he is doing okay. I want to be with him. Waking up is a nightmare now. Watching our pictures brings so many hope and pain. We planned our wedding next year now that he is gone. Who am i supposed to be with. I feel empty hollow inside. I want to keep sleeping so that i can escape from this pain. I take sleeping pills. He was just 23.we had future together. I feel like dying every moment

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