Depressed because of unhealthy relationship with in laws
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hate u hate u a lot im talking about my in laws and my husband nobody understands me tge way i am everyone wants to just change me according to them and nobody supports me my husband he dupports me in my studies but doesnt understand me evenif a lottle bit and always talks about others doesnt care about my feelings he dorsnt even if know what are my likes and what are my dislikes and he doesnt live like a husband we are just like the teenage friends or so called roommates and he always thinks about what others think and what others are but not interested in me and i feel a lots of loneliness due to this due to which i go at such a stage that whether i should die or leave everything and go far away from everyone i know the pain when he ignores me and when he treats me like a stranger and my inlaws everybody is double faced and everybody just acts accordingly they pretend to be something and are something my sister in law how .uch i think about positively she always gives me the negative waves only even my husband is also doublefaced and i loteralky want to get rid of all these things i cannt do anything bcz im in such a situation that i cant go to my mothers home also due to family problem and i cant stay here and cant go there and literally i want to die yrr when i will die literally and when will i be able to become happy and live a life with me and myself only god plz save me or plzz take me fromhere i dont want to live here i just want to shqre my feeling but there is nobody to accept me the way i am ......

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