Depressed because series of mishappenings
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Hi Health issue hernated disc operation which doesn't went well so .... strong in appearance and I cant left things and do sport as I was. Then i destroyed my professional career to live with my Ex and son in the uk than I ve been kicked from my house and I have been call to come and see my son and everytime I came just few minutes later police come hopefully I recorded everything. When things kept happened I decide to go back home country. Than its was the start of Corona and lock down. I tried to hard to find job but.... And finally I couldn't hide after my laughing and trying to find happiness on others. So I am fully depressed and I feel like being in problems and being hurt feed the depression I wish if my believes allowed me to suicide but I cant and also am getting to mad and angry about simple thinks. I don't known even why I am sharing this. Thanks for this platform

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