Depressed everytime I wake up
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I'm an inexperienced person in life, never been in a real relationship, never stayed away from my parents for more than 10 days... I recently got admitted at a University abroad and I'm planning to go next month. I'm having cold feet now, I love my parents so much and leaving them and my city behind will be too much for me I'm sure. I don't even know if this degree is the one I want. I'm unsure of my passion in life and stuff that used to make me happy in the past no longer makes me happy. I met a girl at work who I've grown to be close with, we share our deepest secrets with each other. we know it will never work out between us due to other reasons but I can't stop thinking about her. I find myself staring at her photos for hours and the though of leaving everyone behind is too much for me. I wake up every morning depressed and my days are also sad. someone please send help. hope your lives get better as well. Thanks!

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