depressed me
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I toped my grade 10th even after I got thypoid and was sick for lots of months before exams.Due to which my parents were proud of me hance they sended me to a big city to study for neet and my pg expenses and my institution expenses are very much,but nowadays when my study is so much i waste 10-11 hr in phones everyday and when they call me they usually we are proud of u and we know you are studying very well.but when I tell them that I am not studying well these days they usually say you are lying we know how hard you work.due to which I feel very sad how much trust they have on me.My marks are usually decreasing.i feel very depressed.i am unable to tell them about anything like that.but i just need motivation to start again even after wasting so much time.i have my test soon and I wasted so much of time. I want to change myself plz motivate me to start and become better 😊

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