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Depression. Survivor. Loneliness. Choked by society.. That's how I felt in my everyday life since I was raped at 8 and sexually assault at 15 with the same person. Everyday I'm trying not to breakdown at school, whenever I have to do my tasks... my body can't do it. I have a pain in my neck and back.. my parents said "so?". So there it was.. I screamed, pull my hair, laughing like crazy.. they didn't get me any help... they just ignored it :(( I sometimes swear but... I felt lonely. I felt FUCKING TIRED BEING AT THIS HOUSEHOLD. LIKE YES I HAVE TRAUMA!! But why does it feels like I'm fighting alone!? why... why are my parents are fighting in front of my face every. single. day. My grades has been dropping. They didn't even continue for me to go to a therapist. My father is right.. (I'm a girl tho) he said to my mother to be prepared cuz her daughter (me) is going to die. haha everyday I want to live but at the same time I'm suffocated. I wanna die :D

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