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Help me. I'm depressed I have soo much stress. The study pressure it's getting too hard on me. I'm a 12th grade student and my college teachers didn't teach anything properly my tuition teachers they started teaching late and now are rushing to complete portion skipping chapters topics everything. I'm not understanding a thing whom do I tell this too. My exams are in March. Who would talk with me? I'm sincerely regretting going to that tuition. Course is not even completed. Because of stress I can't remember a thing. I'm having suicidal thoughts. Government isn't listening to our decision of Postponement of exams for 1 month so that we could get time. I'm helpless, this time it's really really tough and hard to deal. I just am tired. Please somebody help and give me some suggestions. Help me! I can't bear this all alone 🙂🥺

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