depression and anxiety
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hey! I am 17 I haven't been clinically diagnosed with anything, but I have seen a lot of mental health pages on instagram and I feel I have depression and some types of anxiety and I'm not sure about if I have anything else, I thought it's better not to self diagnose myself and jump to conclusions– But I'm pretty sure about depression. And I know I've had it since many ears, I started searching these things because I knew something was up with my mind and I just felt different than most people. I've been trying to fight it but most days I just give up. I live with my family, four people other than me, and I am not close to them as such. I really hope to move out soon. But for now it's hard for me to be here and be productive, which most days I don't even care about but still feel bad if I am not. in a month or so I have a few days where I feel hopeful and work properly; but so many days I'm just this way and I feel like... I don't know... just time is passing by. Today I thought, in reference to healing, that when the days I feel this way, is a relapse, or the days I feel hopeful are- from me being this way. I don't know I feel so overwhelmed. sometimes. and I start questioning everything. I read a post and i have started trying mindfulness and it's what made a difference lately. But here I am again today.

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