depression and issues with husband because of staying at in-laws place. having regular quarrels effect can be evidently seen like major weight loss
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This pandemic has forced me to stay in my in laws place for more than a year. we had a lot of conflicts in the past which makes me not comfortable at to stay here. ive lost my freedom, privacy with my husband. I have to be conscious and cant be real all the time. This has led me to stress, overthinking, anxiety, dizzy, blank, fights with husband almost everyday. People be around me all the time that i dont have my privacy or can be real. This stress has made me lose a lot of weight and i am breaking down. Everyone who sees me shows pity on my weight loss. My husband loves me, but never understands me in this issue alone. I know every married women goes through the same kind of situation. But pls help me to stop stressing over and overthinking

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