depression and problem in maintaining social relationship, stress, criticism and past trauma
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Hey i am not in a good mental state i cant be happy. im a teenager and i lash out on everyone on small things i dont feel good and i cry on unecessasary things and i dont feel good i get random anxeuty attacks in the day .i was bullied as a child and tats wjy i felt unworthy and i thiyght that i dont deserbe anything my father is a big critic he criticizes everuthing that i do but just bcuz i dont wanna show how sensitive i am i fight with him but deep down ik he is right im worthlesss im totally drowned in depression i ws a very social person but now i donr wanna meet anyone and be alone i need someone to talk to but i dont wanna be a burden to anyone i tend to keep my emotuons to myself but its just bottled up i cnat take it anymore Pls help me

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