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hey my boyfriend's father passed away last year from the random gunshot. at first 3-4 months he looked fine but from the last 9 months. he isn't okay. he got panic attacks he doesn't look fine he wants to be okay tried many things which makes him happy but nor affective he tries praying hoping but he isn't able to think better of himself. for now he thinks he is a lost cause and he hates himself he thinks a lot, notices details as an extremist. for now he thinks he had tried enough but nothing helps now he think only i can motivate him by being a lone wolf but i don't know how to be one i do things which sometimes like a blue moon makes him happy but for a very short period. i need help how can i motivate him to get back to life? what can i do for him to make him happy? i just want him to get out of the denial phase. in our country it doesn't seem okay to go for a therapist so he can't go to one and there are not as such therapist available near us. kindly help me so i can help him

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