Depression because of family issues
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Hello everyone, I am having a very bad phase in my life.. I have a issue which I am not able to sort... I got married 7 years back and after my Marriage within 6 months my mother went into depression and she committed suicide. After this me, my father, brother and my wife moved to new house and living together. But after some time issues started cropping in the family and ultimately I had to get move out with my wife and father and brother living together. After sometime me and wife moved to near my inlaws place for baby planning. I didn't like the place before itself since I didn't knew anymore there.... Our treatment was also not successful... Now it's been 6 months I wanted to move out from this place and move near to my family's place but my wife is adamant that she will go to any other place but not near my parents house.. Now I have strong feeling that this relationship is becoming more of toxic in nature where both don't have much to talk.. I feel depression has taken me because of this issue and now i want to get out of this.. I want to just move to my parents place with immediate effect.. Please advise what to do..

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