depression because of relationship
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Hi I am suffering from Depression, Anxiety and a lot of stress. We met a tragedy 4 years ago, lost a loved one, so my home is not a happy home. I am jobless too. I was in a relationship with a guy for past 9 yrs. My age is 28. I was going to engagement to him but before that i caught him cheating on me. That thing broke me, and i feel devastated, its been a year and not a much improvement. Recently, almost 20 days before i gave him the second chance and we were back in relationship but it didn't work well. He is going through a tough time in his life. And he also tried to control me and dominate me, he was never such type of a person. But this time i dont know why he was doing it. He shouts at me for no reasons and if i asked him why he is doing so, he used to blame me, get angry and i used to end up apologising to him. This continued for 20 days. He told me its his choice when he is going to talk to me and when not. I asked him to add me to his social media accounts and it was again his choice. He was completely a changed person now. This disturbed me mentally and we broke up again. Now i find it very difficult to recollect myself, it been a year and i have already been through a lot. Now when a little hope was lightened up it was again taken away from me. I really miss him a lot. I am suffering from health issues as well. What should i do now :'(

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