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Uk I have this thought everytime in my mind that, "Why don't I die?" I don't know I feel like a burden to my parents. I take wrong decisions and I regret later. I make tasks for everyday and fail to complete it. I seriously feel like a complete loser. My Parents expect soo much from me but I can't even fight my own thoughts. I seriously want a "The End...." to this shitty life and clumsy nature of mine. IK what world things of me a loser. But now I'm excepting that I feel like all of that is truee. I sincerely can't live anymore. This Life I Hate It. I Hate Everything In It. I don't want to live. I'm looking for ways to die, I'm looking for the right time. I even have the courage but the thing that scares me is, "What if I'm saved...!" Harr chuki hun main khud sey

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