depression, low self esteem and anxiety because childhood experience
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I don't remember the last time when I actually felt happy.. I have low self esteem, inferiority complex, because of which I need to put a lot of efforts to socialize.. I think may be because I had a bad childhood, ppl used to make fun of me, because of my dark complexion, even now I am concious of it all the time, can't really look into someone's eyes while talking.. and now it's getting worse, these days I feel guilty and embarrassed about everything I speak.. everything I do.. I mean, there's actually no reason , I mean even if I am alone all day, and nothing had happened, even then I get such feelings.. recently I went through an ugly break up.. and I feel lonely all the time. I cry whenever I am alone.. for the past many yrs, sometimes I get severe anxiety attacks.. which is very difficult to control, as I stay alone.. I mean there's a long list , and I can keep going on and on.. I just don't feel okay, I don't feel like doing anything.. I don't enjoy anything... And I don't know what to do about it...

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