depression since childhood
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Huh! For the past 2,3 years or so I've been dealing with Depression, Anxiety and possibly every kind of negative thought out there..First it was a bunch few negative people i had to deal with who i didn't care about but slowly i felt and saw possibly every person pickup on me...My childhood was not a very memorable either one aswell i always saw parents fight each other to the point where they are divorced now...while my father lived abroad my mother didn't stood up for me against the people who mostly were relatives of mine who were always targeting this age of 18 I've seen countless people who i adored leave me behind to the point they almost dont really care about me...Ive terribly failed at this point to appreciate any part of my existence, just wish i could wipe out my identity forever...still being surrounded by negative people who i can't get rid off with so much of Criticism to hear and handle and no compliment...i don't know why anyone would care about me there is more i could've said but at this moment i can't find a reason to be Happy

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