detachment towards parents, attachment only towards wife, that is also affected. stressed
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I'm tired of myself i don't wants to but i don't like humans a much, m just neutral about my parents i don't feel about them a lot and somtimes nothing. The only person i have feelings for is my partner. i lost my cousin sister due to her pregnency whom i was very close to the relation between me and my partner was like we ain't got a lot of time before for each other due to fights at home for love Marriage and due to this i don't want kids but she want. and i even can't think about kids at all. she gone through an apendix operation before and i saw a lot...during that period...pregnency makes me remind her cry of that time. now she stop talking to me...m not getting any solutin she is my everything. and there are much more problems like this which i am facing. equlant to this....

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