Good afternoon I've talk to someone about what's wrong with me .I was told it anxiety and Greif. I have always had some problems dealing with thing but when my mom died 2 years ago right before Easter things just got bad with me. I get mad and I stay mad like I can't control it. if I get a idea in my head it's hard to get calm. someday I'm good others I'm not. I have a husband that trys to understand but really he dosent.He tries though. I have a freind that does understand and he just got in a new relationship with this great girl he has always help me and she tries to but I don't want to loose friendship or mess them up by venting to him all the time. Good friends are hard to find . I don't want to loose them so I'm looking for a safe place to vent and maybe some one to help me understand what's going on.
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