did u ever feel helpless?
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did anyone of u ever felt uncomfortable within his own family .....wellme I feel like a stranger.the fact that we lost the sense of communication and respect for each other ..I think nothing can bring us to be as we were before....just because they brought me to life doesnt mean they have the right to treat me the way they want.. I always feel wronged ...even if I was the right one...I'm always that bad selfish daughter who doesnt respect her parents ..when talking about mental health I'm just a crazy wench whos playing the innocent girl trying to get away from her bad behaviours or attitude...I m just sick of this..like everytime we get into such arguments it ends up so badly ...and I always think of when everything is gonna be over...I can't deal with this no more....maybe I m the one to blame for everything ..even crying doesn't help me relief that fire thats killing me alive...help plz

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