Difference with sister and feeling of not being understood.
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I had a problem on my reaserch partner and then my sister who is 3 years older than me asked if she could borrow my phone ... so i let her but then when i get my phone back i saw these massages that i did not even write ... i adk her about this and she admitted that she is the one who wrote that ... she even touch my research paper and paste ways on how to write a methodology in research on it because my partner doesn't know how to write a methodology in research at all, and when i asked her why she did what she did... she said that me and my partner is stupid .... i really felt bad about it and i was acting a "little abnormal" that's the foks in my family calls it when I'm feeling bad ... soon the matters get worst the whole family knows why im feeling like that and they act like my sister just gave me a very big help they even shut me up when ever i tried to explain my self , saying that what my sister did was right and.i was wrong... i even cried because u really felt help less and then my father came to me and ask why areyour crying for no.reason at all ... you'er being abnormal ... i couldn't even say a word... i just cry since i know that they would not even lisrlten to me at all... know i feel like im making a big mess out of nothing .... i feeli really stupid... am i stupid?? I really don't know at this point... please help me...

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