differences in marriage
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Hi everyone, Yesterday my wife tried to kill herself. Let me start from the start. I live in a south Asian country and my wedding was fixed by my family. Before marriage we talked a lot and she seemed like a good match for me. However after marriage everything changed. We were fighting from day 2 and regularly. I am not exempting myself from the blame but most of these fights were of petty issues and I would always stay silent. As the only thought I had was to make it work and so I would back down always. But she is so possessive about me. Like why I go out with friends. Why I spend time with my siblings. Even my mom. She spied in my phone and even though I disliked it but still kept quiet. From my phone she found out that I was talking with my cousin and she told me not to do it anymore. A cousin whom I consider as a sister and guess what she's 13. I quit smoking prior to our marriage but everyday when I come back from office she's always smelling. How can you have a marriage without trust? Even when I tried to sometimes talk back she would start crying and tell me how much she loves me. When you see a person crying there's not much that you can do. Anyways eventually yesterday I talked back, because I was so tired, and I talked back not in a dominating way or something like that. Just talked back in a calm manner as to just letting her know of my side. Just told her that I know that our relationship is the most important but it doesn't mean that I have to give the rest of my relationships up. She just said that, 'i feel like I'm making your life hard and I should just die'. I replied, 'if these are your thoughts it seems like this marriage can't work'. She said, 'You tell me'. And here comes that part. She walked to the drawer, took out the blade, and struck it violently on her wrists. I stopped her immediately and thankfully they were not that deep. But I couldn't take it anymore. I called my siblings and parents. They took her to the hospital and I just cried. I'm not someone who is emotionally weak. Infact prior to our marriage, I can't even remember when I last cried. However afterwards it has happened a dozen time in just 1 and a half month. Anyways now she tells me she did it out of her love for me. What? I cannot understand this. Does she not understand what would have happened if she would have actually killed herself. The trauma. The sadness. The shame. Forget about me. What about her parents. She's an only child. How can someone do it out of love. Moreover she blames it on PMS. I literally couldn't stop shaking last night. I was afraid to sleep. I waited till she was. And only then the shaking stoped. I got rid of anything sharp in the room. I don't know what to do. How I failed as a husband. This was one relationship I didn't want to ruin and now it is. I cannot even fake my love but still I have to. I fear she might even kill me. Or tomorrow when we have children and I forget that she has PMS and we fight. I might come home to a dead wife and children. Not accusing her of it but these are my thoughts right now. Her parents are telling me to make things work and so is she. She says we can work our way towards a good marriage. But honestly this is it. I cannot take it anymore. I would have said no to this marriage had I been told by her or her parents of the over-possessive mindset she has. Even if I had such a hint. She was opposite to how I deduced her prior to our marriage from our meetings/dates. Because honestly she needs someone who's mentally and emotionally strong which I'm not. Please help me. Can this marriage work from this point? How do I go about it? How I tell her parents?

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