differences in relationship
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I feel incomplete right now...my boyfriend is not acting like he should anymore. When we we're dating he was so sweet, we usually talk for hours. You can tell he badly needed me but now that we're in a relationship, he acts otherwise 🥺. He doesn't even care one bit. His attitude makes me question his love for me. He doesn't give me his support whenever I need it. it's as if I'm not even in a relationship because I see no difference. He feels he's too handsome and has a lot of girls at his call. He prefers hanging out with friends than me and prefers chat and flirting with them than talking to me. He only have real time with me when he wants something. This whole thing is driving nuts cause I really love him. I'm so connected to him that I can't even go a day without talking to him and this is why I feel so much pain.

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