difficult family situation
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I am from India , got married in my early 20s ,it was love marriage and I wasn't even educated enough to do job and start facing domestic violence , at that time as it was love marriage I can't really leave everything and go back to my home ,I got a daughter who is 14 now I am 37 ,now my husband instead of doing physical violence starts creating pressure on me (as I am doing Masters he trying to put heavy domestic responsibilities so that I don't get time to study ), a year earlier I met a online women who is also Pekham and found her story almost like me but she fought and managed to complete her studies on time to get good job but I am not really getting time for study , earlier I took my mother's help to complete my graduation but in between my brother got married and issues started coming from my parental sides too and I really can't get the help from there . Please suggest me what to do .

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