Difficult life situation and self pity
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Hi everyone! I'm not sure if writing my feeling will help but i hope it does. I feel as though everytime I'm finally happy something always goes wrong after. I know in my heart I don't deserve to go through this much pain, I did nothing wrong but somehow its just never ending. I've been dealing with alot, I've lost someone really special to me recently, he died from a car crash and it's been really hard dealing with it. I also lost someone who meant the entire world to me. He didn't die he's just not in my life anymore. Everyone makes me feel so worthless, it's like everyone might be more happy without me in their lives. They make me feel as though I'm not enough. The two persons that I've lost I always tried to think as though their still here, but reality hits and I have to face it that their gone. It's been so hard trying to accept that and I just can't. School has been so stressful and exhausting. I need a break from everything. It's so hard dealing with everything. I truly am so fedup. I just pray everything gets better.

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