difficulty in moving on after breakup
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I was in a long distance relationship with a guy whom i met on Instagram a month ago, we introduced ourselves, talked-about each other, and all of a sudden it went too far nd we catched feelings for each other, but as I had trust issues for my past so I wnto take some more time to be with him.... I told him evrything wht I felt that time nd he understands me too... So he explained me very well.. Nd I fell too deep the way he talked to me nd made me realise for who I am... I proposed him without thinking twice,.... He definitely said yes, everything was fine until his family issues were raised nd then he wasn't treating me like the way he treated me before,I missed that, but I understand his situations too nd compromised nd tried to resolve everything, but that didn't worked, idk what was the actual reason but every time I did just to make him feel better, but I think he took me for granted for all sych things so I wnted to take a break frm all these nd lied to him that I'll be back in few days, tho I was always active without being noticed by him... Nd I saw something strange, which was on the comment section of one of his following on Instagram which was a girl, my heart felt throbbed by seeing those comments of them.... Then I realised to ignore him as much as I can but I just can't able to.... So he txted me his very last msg nd blocked me... I made a fake id frequently nd txted him what I felt within these days nd he never responded.... I just need to cope up frm all these bcuz I know I'm not gonna settle for all these things going on.

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