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continuing from previous post.. my bf's mother wants to get her son married in grand way.she doesnot want to compromise.i dont have money for mariage.if i dont marry now.he will go abroad and we ll separete. i dont want to leave my parents here in old age.i want to earn for them make them happy make them rich.but after mariage i doubt if i can send any money becoz my bf is taking huge loan for abroad study.so it ll take long time to repay that. his brother abroad expensws.brothers mariage and his family high lifesfyle.. i have to leave my dentistry career as well. what should i do? although i want to marry him then also i have no money for mariage. his mother doesnot understand. she doesnt want court mariage also. bf also always suporting his mum and not understand my situation. i m so confused and helpless.. i got responsibilies for my parents .they ve raised me facing many dificulty.how can i leave them for my bf .. what should i do ?

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