distance from best friend
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Its been and 5months and 22days that my best friend is not in much contact with me. I'm afraid of losing him because he is my family. We have a lot of memories together. From the day we met it was really something awesome. I never knew someone could be so much close to me DAT the thought of losing starts breaking me from inside. I never like anyone being so close to him and as he knew every thing about me. My most favorite time was with him, chatting talking irritating him. He knew how to can me down in all the situations, he always told me that I'm special to him and I'm important in his life. I never thought someone we come and make me love myself and will love me the way I'm. And as we graduated, we could not meet as bcoz of work bit he always removed time to meet me. And one day he asked regarding all my feelings for him as he came to about it Dat I feel for him, so as he did, but DAT wouldn't have been accepted by our family's. He told DAT even though if we are not together but I'm his lifeline forever. He even not to think about the future and hurt yourself but just be in present with me, let God handle the future. Everything was well till April 2020 but, suddenly idk wat happened he reduced everything with me, he don't talk to me much, he don't reply me mor msg, whenever I tried to ask him he blames himself, the thing which he don't want is, hurting me, he loves but avoiding, he kept himself away from me, idk wen will everything be and I will be with him, I miss him a lot, I just want him back in my life forever. I don't want to lose him at any cost.

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