Do Looks matter?
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Do Looks matter? I don't look beautiful. I'm dark skinned, I have acne. I've been rejected because of my complexion. I know that I should be grateful that I have a fully functional body but these constant comments are very depressing. Everyone says looks don't matter but still their first impression will be on the basis of their looks. I have been bullied, criticised since childhood for something that's not in my hands. I still have to hear these constant comments. Why do people do that. I didn't abuse anyone. Why do people think my presence is bad omen. It might seem something small but for me it's becoming really difficult to let go. on top of that, recently I have gained weight. I have to listen to new comments now. Sadly our society acts progressive but does this. I know that I should not care about these things but till how long. At some point I'll really break.

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