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I've been feeling down eversince the pandemic started. I've always been a good student and everyone has high hopes from me, but I fell in love with this guy who cheated on me multiple times and that shattered me. Later on, I isolated myself and avoided everyone as much as I could. I don't want to feel like this. I want to perform well in my college but I can't seem to get a break. My parents have sacrificed so much to provide me with everything. I want to die and end this all. This constant guilt and pressure and stress is killing me. I feel so alone in this. I tried explaining this to my mom but she thinks I'm just overthinking stuff and I'll never disappoint her. But even a 10 mark test scares the hell out of me and I can't stop crying. It's so painful. I know if I decide to commit suicide, my parents will be shattered, and that's the only thing that stops me everytime. The scariest thing is that this constant urge to die is so real. I've never been someone who guves up so easily.

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