due to family stress unable to study
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Hello I am student of MBBS 1st year due to this pandemic I am at home since 2 months I have to study a lot but due to family stress I'm not mentally stable because my mum and my grand mum fights a lot actually my grand mum is unable to do anything so and every morning my father have to do Har all work my mum and father both are teachers my mum is a teacher as well as housewife lots of work but the thing is she is all time frustrated she scold a lot on my grand mum see things is unable to do anything we will do our work or Grand mum work see some time goes physically to grandmom my grandma cries a lot sometimes my dad say nothing don't want any fight but the thing is I can't do anything I can't help my grandma due to my mother that is why I am totally frustrated my mother have a problem of anger I I don't want to tolerate I feel so bad that I can't express my feeling in this house she want me to study all time but how's it possible now I m not feeling good or stable ..how can I study .she uses bad words for my mother .. I have anger for my dad too he didn't say anything to my mom cause he also have fear of her .. what shud I do I just want to cry but I can't she want that all people in this house do what she want even be happy when she want eat ,sleep when she want I know she work very hard for us she got frustrated but thn she also have to think the other side ..now what shud I suppose to do now

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