emotional distress because of failed relationship
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I going through a kind of emotional distress that I definitely need help for. I was in a relationship for past 5 years and I felt so unwanted and unvalued for a long time and it was me who was fighting and forcing to hold back the relationship. After certain stage it was normal but I was totally fed up of trying and exhausted that I started expecting from partner.. but less did I receive any attention or expressing love.. but I really like him and also feared that I will end up desperate. I started losing interest because I constantly heard so negative about me blaming me and I found valued or happy when even a small compliment comes from others. So with the desperate state I happened to meet another person who approached me and valued me a lot and I found him equal to my interest and full fill all my desperation. But I was so confused whether that was right for me or not and I couldn't leave my partner. So I din decide . Meanwhile I felt the new person was using my situation and manipulatimg me and at times I was misguided by my thoughts that I fell for his words or care I Don know if it's fake or not.. and my partner tght I was cheating but I was actually confused. At the same time worries that I was going wrong but felt like a trap I couldn't move. Now I came out of it .. I'm trying to explain my partner and frnds that I fell into wrong hands my thoughts was not in my hand but they see me as a cheater. But I'm not I was strong all these years and the longing for care made me fall for wrong hands.. now I'm feeling damn guilty for this and being close and that is haunting me badly. I have now become a reason for the breakup even though my partner came with breakup for no reason. I realised my mistake for being vulnerable but since my partner and frnds are not talking I feel very guilty for my mistakes for being with a person where I lost my mind completely. I feel ashamed of ir. I need help to come out of this feeling of being stupid and want to sort it make my partner and get back happy. Plz do help me

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