Erratic behaviour of partner
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I'm in very toxic relationship , she cut herself if I didn't attend her calls at night because I was sleeping, she really tried to attempt suicide for silly reasons or she makes me to cut myself and she demand me to send that pic to her in which my blood flows out of my cuts , she always force me to do that if I didn't attend her call or really silly things like these, 3 months ago she broke up with me because of one silly thing I said I begged her and apologize she didn't listen , after that she did cut herself multiple times and one times she lost more blood and ended up in hospital tbh I'm 19 I haven't talked to any other girls because she didn't like , I really don't know what to do ? How to make her understand that she's doing wrong , she now calls me when she needs any help and demand me to help her , she also demands that we r not in relationship but I should always stay single , if she died on that day then Imagine, how hard it's to Live life without her , I will be blamed ,her parents will surely make me in jail

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