exam stress and confusion
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my exam date announced .. and my anxiety is growing high and high ....I am very prone to distraction..I always get distracted by things ....and that's my problem throughout the year ...I am in 12 th and I was preparing for jee as well ..but everything is shattered after I got stuck with this depression ....I lose my confidence ..I lose my study efficiency. ....I can't explain this shit to my parents ...They expect so much with ...as I am good study from very early ...I always get good grades ....but now everything is Changed....my dreams all seems like failure .....I can't handle this stress ....my future seems like blank .....I don't know what to do ....I know everything ... only I can handle it ..no one will fix it all other than me .....but I don't know why I repeat the same mistake always .....it's not that much complex but I am making it worst for me .I can make the end good but. everytime I explain myself and try to make up my mind ..I find nothing .I don't have any friends .

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