exhausted because of family responsibilities and relationship.
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I've been so...exhausted. Mentally emotional and physically. I've been working myself, riding 50kms a day to work and back on a 2 weeler, taking care of house hold expenses, making sure everyone else is okay, putting their needs in front of my own. I wake up go to work come back and sleep. Barely get anytime for myself. I mean...im 20 and it feels like the weight of the fucking world is on my shoulders. I can't sleep properly, and 2 days ago on my way back home from work I had the scariest ride back home. I'm afraid of riding back to work....ive taken two days off now trying to avoid it but I can't anymore... I just...im so damn tired all the time and that's physical exhaustion makes me mentally exhausted and my relationship is...possiblly making me emotionally exhausted.

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