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hey guys! hope u all doing well and are healthy. so here's a word expectation which very simple and familier bt when u have it everything becomes hard and hurtful everyone have expectations either they are elder or younger parents or children ,lovers and everyone.why do we expect things from PPL even when it hurt us sometimes. we all help others or do something for them why we do we have to expect something in return like they will return the favor or something i say why? when we want something in return it becomes like trade we give something to get something back in return. do ur deeds in silence cause when PPL see good they expect good so why do u have to live up to anyone's expectations make ur own mark. never expect something in return from anyone either it's love, help,care or understanding cause u will be only hurting urself in the end. i know u will say it's good to say bt not practical bt it's true some will think it's rude or like that bt I'm all good i don't care you know.

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