experiencing relationship issue
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i was in a happy relationship with a guy untill i found out that i am a manglik and he is not. my parents asked me to not pursue this relationship further. this broke us apart. but we kept on talking once in a while in between. but most of the chats snd calls were initiated by me. it made me questioned if he misses me at all or not. although whenever we talked he expressed how much he loved me, he is ready to wait for me. but didnt do much as least he could do was stay in touch. whenever i asked why he doesnt ever text me. he said i am not fine. he also told me that he is unsure of the birth time, which is required for tge exact kundali and his family knows about me. but he couldnt even ask his time from his mom. he said what will she think of me. i was very shattered. as he always made me felt tgat he loved me the most and could do anything but when tge time came, he himself went so weak and is getting all distant in behaviour while his words still says that he will marry me, he will wait for me. i am confused, i feel stuck, and lonely no one to guide me in this situation. i feel heart broken and no one to talk to.

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