experiencing social anxiety and panic attacks
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I suspect I may have social anxiety problems. These issues have been evident with the recent lockdowns. I dont feel like connecting with any one apart from a handful of people like my parents. I do not initiate calls with friends, extended family members. I am usually always silent on company calls unless addressed to and getting on video is out of the question. This is extremly scary for me as usually I used to consider myself as a decently confident person and could make conversation with people if forced to, but this issue seems to be growing now. This also concerns me because I am not able to grow myself personally and professionally. I usually find my self having panic attacks and difficulty in finding composure when things do not go my way or come as a surprise. I dont not know what to do and who to talk to about this. Please help! FYI I am writing this while having a panic attack. Have been trying to calm my self for over an hour now.. :(

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