Experiencing symptoms of depression and self harm
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I want to know if I have severe mental problem. Here are my symptoms: Nowadays I don't feel like doing anything. I just want to die. I feel extremely worthless and hopeless. I don't want to live or die. I don't have appetite. I sleep at 5/6 am then wake up at 4pm. I am afraid of future. I have self harm tendency. I get so angry at my parents. I shout at them and throw things. I don't do anything all day except mobile phone. I don't talk with people properly. I also can't talk with my friends. Somdays ago a very important exam ended. But I didn't do my best. I was trembling after one significant exam because I didn't get to revise. I don't want to move forward. Whatever my parents tell me it never helps. I just get more irritated. What to do now? Should I take counseling?

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