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My parents relationship background My parents did not share a good relationship with each other. During my childhood my mother has gone through physical abuses even today sometimes this happens. My grandparents used to live with us and they used to try that my parents should fight. My mother tried to leave the house on several occasion but did not leave because of me and my brother also she was not financially independent. My father got into extra marital affair with someone. We got to know about this in 2013. My mother heard my father speaking on phone. He apologized alot and changed his behaviour and assured my mother he won't repeat. But after that also my mother has caught him several times either texting or giving missed calls. And whenever now she feels that he is doing something she they fight and it also gets into physical fights. We have never caught him red handed just that messages and calls. We never told to my grandparents about this. But because my father was scared he asked his parents to go to his brothers and seeing this change in behaviour his parents thought that my mother has done some black magic on him. Since then my grandparents started to move from one son to another including us. In 2016 my grandmother expired. My grandfather came along with us we tried out best to cheer him up. But he always used to complaint all the relatives that we don't take care of him and few months later my parents met with accident. And we discovered that my father has lost his memory and he was speaking something which is not happening. We got MRI done and came to know he has blood clots in brain and doctor said that may be some tissues are damaged and will never repair. We started taking care of my father like a child. I was having my final sessions for Masters and my mother was also not well as she had some physical bruises due to accident none of our relatives camw forward to help. My mother than called one of my chacha and asked him to take dadaji as it is difficult for us to manage right now. He came ans took him. That time there modi also declared demonetisation even my grandfather did ask us if you need any monetary help. We took care of my father soon my other started taking him to office. She used to sit out until his office gets over. My father forgot everything but he still remember that women. My mother still used to think that koi nahi he is not well. She also had a breakdown several times. I can't hear anything about my mother from anyone. Because I have seen her sacrifice. If anyone will say anything about her I will eat him up.