extreme sadness and social awkwardness
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I feel extreme sadness many times especially from the past 7,8 months. I'm harsh at myself, I judge myself, I thought of ending everything but I have hopes from the future, I feel socially awkward so I don't like to go out of my house a lot, I just like to sleep whole day and especially from the past few days I'm loosing my close friends it hurts me a lot and I can't beg someone to stay in my life and I'm not loosing them but we don't talk alot. I usually become sad in many situations and when I'm alone I start crying I start depreciating myself I start hating this world and other people in my life. I think I'm emotionally addicted to sadness or idk what but the inner child inside me is crying for love. ๐Ÿ˜Œ

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